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Tea Has Been Loved for Ages - And with Good Reason!

People have enjoyed tea over the ages for its variety of natural flavors, and some cultures have enjoyed tea for the health benefits as well, and the rest of the world is just recently discovering that some teas are quite good for you. The different wonderful flavors coupled with these health benefits makes tea loved by many.

I am definitely one of the crowd of tea lovers, my cupboard is filled with about 30 different varieties including green tea for my morning cup of hot tea, black tea for my afternoon iced tea, a variety of naturally flavored herbal teas for night-time, and everything else in between including wheat tea and on a rare occasion rice tea.

Tea Gifts

Know a tea lover in your life? Then a tea gift is sure to please, and there are some lovely tea related gift ideas you could go with:

Tea gift baskets: You could buy or fix up a basket with your recipient's favorite teas, a cute little tea set, and some teacakes, and you've got an incredibly delightful gift.

Tea clubs: Joining a tea club is a great way to taste some of the exotic and gourmet varieties out there, and would be perfect as a gift for a tea drinker, and also perfect for yourself if you want to try out some new teas.

Tea sets: Get a unique tea set for the tea lover in your life and you should have no doubts as to whether your gift will be useful as well as enjoyed. If they like Asian decor, you might look for a traditional Japanese tea set, if they appreciate Victorian and romantic styles, then an antique flowery set might be just the thing.

Tea for Your Health

Recently, people everywhere are becoming more aware of the wonderful health benefits of some teas. Green tea and black tea contain those wonderful antioxidants that slow aging and help protect against cancer. It's not often that something so tasty is so good for you - so enjoy a cup of tea with no worries!

Our Favorite Spot for Tea

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Adagio carries a wide variety of teas including green, black, white, Oolong, herbal, Rooibos, and flavored tea.

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Decaf Tea
Decaf tea is a great addition to the tea tin. There are times when you don't need a pick-me-up, just a great tasting cup of tea. In fact, having tea often means the very opposite - taking a few minutes to relax, clear your mind and let the cares of the day flow away. A cup of decaffeinated tea can fit the bill very nicely.

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Teaware Everywhere
If you can't find the kind of teaware online that suits your particular taste and needs, you should invent your own. The reason is simple: there is more variety in teapots, infusers, strainers, cups and more than there ever were add-ons for photography buffs.